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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  August 19, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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on-line. >> fox 5 morning news is just getting started at 5:00. good wednesday morning to you. it is 5:00. a little bit muggy out there this morning and really dark as you just saw from that shot. it is muggy and upping it will stay that way for a while jie. don't know. we'll ask tucker. >> we are glad you could be along with us on fox 5 morning news. tucker is in. tony is taking time off. so we're watching bill. >> tony is under the weather. remember ask the weather guy yesterday? >> probably in thabicaribbean. we've got a lot to talk about. we want to start with hurricane bill. this intensity increasing here in the last several hours. maximum winds, 15 miles per hour with gusts to 1. that makes day category four hurricane. they only go to category five. it continues to move off to the
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west-northwest at about 16 miles per hour. the sea surface temperatures are running in the 80s. there is likelihood the storm nturcontinued tho i fy si da h el vesyra ses t'esveral days.a ge t o athe r again, we had storms here last night. >> we have aguhaseve used them mybig ad big ones at my house. yo psecanguseoscrhis het stn wan iits wake a lot of kecld coved a little bit of fog and a lot of humidity. i am guaranteeing bad hair days for everybody area-wide today as the monument will really be very high here for the next couple of days. 77-degree at reagan national. bwi marshal, 73 a look at your forecast. showers and thunderstorms return this afternoon with high temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s. about 90 here in washington. i'll have more details on bill an our forecast coming up.
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>> let's check in with julie wright at 5:00 to see how things are out on the blaze and everywhere else. >> you are saying the hair going to get flatter as the day gets longer? >> oh, yeah, i'm guaranteeing it. >> it is an indooday. >> got it. right now, we've got the lanes open. if you are traveling the outer loop of the beltway, that is where we had the crash. this is a live shot of traffic coming from old georgetown road headed around towards that big curve. the accident activity off the road to the right. heads up there heading out to the american legion bridge. again, southbound 270 in the clear. it is just that outer loop coming from old georgetown road headed around towards the american legion bridge where you will see the accident activity. eastbound 66 from nutley street on in, all lanes are open.
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that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. tucker just mentioned that some areas did get a left rain yesterday and into the night. a summer storm rolled in and today, a group of people in prince george's county have some cleaning up to d a large tree branch came crashing through the roof of this apartment building in capitol heighor. fire crews iand rescue units were called out to the pn southern apartment homes. it is on southern avenue and that is where we find sarah simmons live this morning with the latest on the clean-up. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you are talking about the storms last which a lot of people experienced around the area. it is unclear if it was the win or if it was lightning. it doesn't appear to have rained too much here in this area of prince george's county but crews are back here repairing this large hole that was created from a tree branch that did fall just before midnight is what we're hearing back here. we are waiting to talk with residents at this point to figure out what happened, if it was rain, wind or lightning
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that created the problem here. he tree branch is fairly large. it fell just after midnight. crews that are working here have been telling us it created about a six by six foot hole in the roof. no one thankfully was hurt from this. but three apartments were affected i understand from talking to the apartment community. they say there was one apartment that did take the brunt of it. it appears as though it fell on the closet of one of the apartmts. the other two had some sort of additional damage to it as well. so at this point, american red cross is also out here we understand meeting with the residents that are displaced from the three different apartments and, of course, we're waiting to hear from them to hear what they heard last night, what they saw. i imagine it had to be a pretty scary situion and something to be waking up to at about midnight last night. we are live here in prince george's county. sarah simmons, back to you.
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>> absolutely. thank you so much. another big story we're following, police are hoping the public will help them solve a murder. a body of a business owner was found on the body of his pizza shop. police say the victim's brother and coowner showed up yesterday morning and called police because the doors were locked and he could not get inside. homicide detectives are trying to figure out how the victim died and who is responsible and why all the w eerwere locked. gunshots shatter a sense of security in her own home. a stray bullet crashed through her home and hit her in the back. the little girl is 14 years old. she had just gotten out of the shower when the shooting started. >> she had her towel on and she was sitting on the bed playing her game. next thing i know she come running in the room saying her back was burning and this and
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that. when i turned heover, she had two puncture bullettette holes. >> police are still looking for the shooter. a prince william county teacher is in jail accused of inappropriately touching two 15- year-old students. 32-year-old shannon arnold patterson turned himself in on monday. investigators say the touching did not occur on school grounds and they say one of the students received text messages of a sexual nature from patterson. virginia's governor is being forced to trim the state's budget again to cope with the economic crisis. lawmaker say governor tim kaine will announce plans today to cut more than $1.3 billion from the state's cash-strapped budget. it will be the fourth time he has had to scale back spending.
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robert novak, one of erica's most influential journalists has died. he pass ad wyatt his home here some washington after battling brain cancer. novak was a rough-edged conservative would began his career following the korean war. his problem, inside report, and in newspapers aund the country. of his also known for unveiling the identity of cia operative valerie plame. those who knew him said he never rested on his fame. >> every day was making the phone calls and doing the shoe leather type of things that typified what journalism used to be as opposed to what it has become now. anybody who has an opinion on anything can just use the compute are and put something out there without the slightest idea of what he is talking about. >> robert novak was 78. crews worked all night to fix the plate of the problem on metro. we'll let you know if you should expect any changes or delays this morning. that doctor in the middle of the michael jackson death investigation talks publicly
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for the first time. >> because of all that is going on, i am afraid to return phone calls or use my e-mail. therefore, i recorded this statement. ♪
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. the search is on for an arsonist in montgomery count where you. this scene that you are looking at right now is off kings valley road. it is just one of four hay bale fires set in damascus. & ised the fires burning about 3:00 yesterday morning and by midday, smoke could be seen from miles away. in addition to the bales of hay, somebody all torched three mailboxes. no injuries were reported solve the its the man at the center of the investigation into michael jackson's death is now breaking his violence. >> i have done all i could do. i told the truth and i have faith the truth will prevail. >> dr. conrad murray posted a video on youtube thanking his friend for their support. dr.murray says he made the video because he was afraid to use his phone or e-mail. police are vehicling if murray gave jackson a powerful sedative that may have led to the pop star's death. the president is getting pressure from both sides of health care reform and now the white house insists that the president will not back away
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from the public option. liberals in congress have been dismayed by what some were seeing as signals that the administration would accept health insurance cooperatives instead. a late night for metro maintenance crews repairing some trouble on the tracks and some good news if you use your phone on the metro. still head, we'll have some important commute are news before you head out the door. a long awaited road project just hit another big detour meaning more headaches for your commute. showers and thunderstorms moving through during the overnight hour. we're quiet right now. what can we expect later this afternoon? i'll have the details on your forecast and the one and only julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic coming up right after the break.
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a tornado clapped the roof of a department store in texas. the tornado swept through the shopping district without much warning. cars were flipped over. several people we hurt. the national weather service is also reporting bad weather in
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colorado including possible tornadoes there. forecasters are keeping an eye on hurricane bill though the storm remains far out to sea. it was upgraded to a category four storm. it is packing winds of 135 miles per hour. it could become even more fierce apparently. >> getting any better ideas on the tracking of this storm? >> it look like right now it will for the most part remain out to sea. the resident of bermuda are very concerned because it will pass pretty close. i think our effects will be higher than normal storm surge. it is a very powerful storm. only typically geontget only tw . 'lwe threeayech ar. we'll start with our hd radar. thshe er and thunderstorm activity, sosh of us got me son d some didn't. those who did received very heavy rain. a lot of thunder and lightning atasciitso we edemh stsyth as it moved thh ugro last night. you can see for the most part,
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the shower activity has since departed here off the eastern seaboard. still getting to lingering showers. if you are waking up towards salisbury, down towards ocean city. you can see all the flashing out there. so a lot of thunder and lightning associated with this. here in washington, we're quieting down. baltimore up into montgomery county, nothing happening. that is the good news. couple of showers out to the west. a very tropical air mass. what is going to happen here is as soon as we get the daylight, we'll see the showers and thunderstorms fire back up again this afternoon in this very tropical air mass. dry at this hour but we won't be later this afternoon. let's move on and see what we've got next in the way of maps. we have the satellite-radar. i showed you the showers and thunderstorms off the coast and in its wake here, we have very, very humid conditions and very warm temperatures. 7 # now at reagan national. we are i'm degree in the past hour. 80 in fredericksburg. 74 out at dulles. our high temperatures later today underneath a lot of cloud cover will top out in the upper
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80s to the 90s. yesterday, we had a record high out at dulles airport. a high temperature of 98. there is another look at bill and you can see the storm system is firing on all cylinders at this hour. can you see the eye feature and the banding taking place. tracking off to the west- northwest at about 16 miles per hour. it like it will track north and west of the leeward island and squeeze between between the eastern united states and bermuda but it will come close enough that they have to watch this one carefully. we'll watch this one over the next couple of days again. a category four hurricane. sustained winds 135 miles per hour with gusts to 150. plenty of clouds for us. high temperature, about 90 degrees. wind will be out f the south at five miles per hour. if you like shormdz and tropical air, you will lo the next couple of days. by saturday and sunday, a
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stronger cold front and that will help bump bill out to sea and that will before i us cooler and drier air. let's get to julie wright. >> i liked it better when you said the one and only. >> you are the went one and only. >> that's true. >> outer loop of the beltway, not looking so bad out of college park. that earlier crash we had mentioned on the outer loop after the big curve has cleared. this is southbound 29 at lockwood drive. this involves a overturned vehicle with traffic squeezing by single file to the left. heads up for you guys traveling out towards university boulevard and the four corners area. again, not too much of a delay about a slowdown here with a lot of equipment on the scene. the crash involving the overturned vehicle. you may want to pick up 650 and use that as the alternate t the beltway. northbound i-95, not so bad
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right now. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. metro workers worked overnight to fix a cracked rail on the red line. it was between the bethesda and friendship heights stations. crews discovered it during a routine inspect yesterday afternoon. the crack forced train to share a track during the evening and rush hour while a temporary fix was put in in place place. more people will soon be able to talk on your cell phone while you are riding on the train. right now, it is just verizon. soon, it will include at&t, t mobile and sprint nextel. internet and teching will be available on metro trains. the new lines of communication will be for customers starting on october 16th. the equipment is already being installed. >> this is part of a three- phase effort that wear rolling out. initially, it will be 20 of our busiest underground stations. by next year, all of our underground stations and by fall of 2012, we'll have equipment installed in the
5:21 am
tunnels. >> right now, the only people who can make calls on the metro are those with verizon service. virginia's highly anticipated hot lanes prog being has hit a roadblock. the project would extent the hov lanes along i-95 and 3959 but the public-privateperson asian-pacific failed to secure a financial deal. sherry ly has more. >> reporter: the franconia auto shop is far from wall street but the financial meltdown is making it hard to get money. that means plans to expand high occupancy toll lane on i-395 and 95 can't get enough financing and the daily drive from woodbridge to franconia will see no relief. >> more mess on 95. more delays and traffic going to get worse. recover the hot lane are free to carpools and buses but other
5:22 am
drivers could pay to bypass congestion. the virginia department of transportation is moving forward with planning hoping money will come through to break ground. >> from our partner's point. view, they are looking for the funding for this project. there is a challenge to it in the current market conditions. >> reporter: the proposed hot lane would expand existing hov from two lanes to three, a 28- mile stretch from the pentagon to garrisonville. another nine mile section would be added later. >> they would just have to adjust. we did withoutit before. >> reporter: v-d.o.t. says it you may consider doing smaller sections of the project if financing remains a problem. >> whether we'll start exactly as we said in early 2010, we're hopeful we can get this thing going within a reasonable period of time. >> few doubt the road will get built. >> they build the hot lanes, they don't build the hot lanes, it doesn't make a difference. >> reporter: the hot lanes are
5:23 am
out of his price range. sherry ly, fox 5 news. >> the state is also listening to concerns about the impact of hot lanes on neighborhoods along 395. leaders say it is not the time for move forward in this financial gridlock. just when we thought she was gone from american idol, could paula abdul already be making a comeback to the show? up next, the latest rumors. don't call day comeback for bret favre? was he ever really gone aside
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eat it up. could former american idol judge paula abdul be back to the show after all? there are reports that she is in talks with the producers of american idol about coming back. tmz cameras caught up with paula outside of a gym in west hollywood and she hinted she has mething new lined up. we have learned she will not be judging dancing with the stars. in sports, number four i back but wearing a new color. >> bet favre wearing minnesota viking purple. he has unretired again signing with the vikings and joining the team right as training camp is wrapping up. >> i know there are people out there taking sides and whatever and there is no -- not about
5:27 am
revenge or anything like that being believe me. you can't take away the 16 years i had in green bay. it was unbelievable. it was great. and that will be forever cherished by me and the guys i played with. >> favre already has his new jersey. he willly at a pro-season game friday against the chiefs and will battle for the starting job in minnesota. to baseball now and the new nats phenom steven strasburg. he hasn't pitched a game since may 29th. last season as a junior at san diego state, he went 13-1. he also had this no hitter versus air force. general manager mike rizzo says it is very unlikely that strasburg will be called up to the majors this season. it was a long sleepless night for some area residents. that is where sarah simmons is this morning. >> a tree branch comes crashing down on an apartment leaving a
5:28 am
huge gaping hole. what residents and repair crews are having to deal with. also, a murder mystery ate local pizza shop. owner is found dead inside the store. we'll have the latest on the investigation. you are watching fox 5 morning news. julie loves target, it's got the supplies teacher told her to get and for a great deal. she also expects he'll love the sandwich. she expects he'll think of her when he sees the note. so she shops target. gotta have deals on the stuff she's gotta get. target. expect more. pay less.
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welcome back. we take a look at traffic on the american legion bridge out there on the beltway this morning. temperature is not all that bad but boy, it is sticky out there
5:31 am
this morning. 78degrees right now in the nation's capital. normally, it doesn't bother me. today, it is just nasty out there. >> did you see the contentization on my windows after the rain. i couldn't even see out of my windows. i am forecasting a bad hair day area-wide. >> i will never fete my friend allison to walk down the street with me. she'll say forget it. it will mess with my hair. >> let's take a look at the radar. we'll show out showers and thunderstorms that moved through. still a lot of heat and humidity out there. a lot of showers really blew up there as it moved across the bay. at this hour, still some -- just a few left swroafer showers down towards ocean city and the beaches. the washington area, we are waking up with mostly cloudy skies -- a few leftover
5:32 am
showers down towards ocean city and the beaches. high temperatures today will be about 90 but it will feel warmer with all the humidity. currently, 78 degrees. the huge is 76% and our wind are try stog shift out of the north -- trying to shift out of the north but i don't think they'll have much luck today. a lot of clouds out there and a good chance we'll see more showers and thunderstorms return a little later today. high temperatures about 90. yesterday, we had temperatures in the mid-90s so a little cooler. more clouds out there. you will note us the humidity with the showers and thunderstorms today. >> okay. thank you. let's check in and and see about traffic. >> i'm not sure if it is the wet pavement or the hoot othe combination of both but we have a lot it talk about. if you are traveling southbound along 29 headed out towards university boulevard, the accident activity involves an overturned vehicle before you reach lockwood drive. the car was overturned off the
5:33 am
road it right. they are in the process of trying to upright it get the rollback situated there and get this out of your way. for those traveling southbound on 29 leaving white oak headed southbound out towards university boulevard, you may want to stick with 650 new hampshire avenue and use that as the workaround. some traffic a few moments ago was able to get by single file to the left. they have the tow trucks on the scene trying to upright the vehicle and get it out of your way. no accidents to report along northbound i-95. better ride in virginia as you work your way north of newington headed up towards the springfield interchange. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, summer storms proved dangerous in prince george's county. >> a large tree branch as you see here crashed into an apartment building and now there is a massive hole in the roof. the sounds of wind and thunder followed by sirens as rescue crews arrived at the penn southern apartment homes, a two-
5:34 am
story garden apartment along southern avenue. that is where sarah similar monday is now. >> reporter: it was unclear whether it was wind or lightning that sent the tree branch down. the american rod ross is out here assessing the damage to the apartment building. we know there were two families that have been displaced. craws are out here trying to repair the roof that has been damaged out here. can you see them back here climbing up the ladder and trying to get up there and do some work. this all started after a tree branch fell about midnight. the apartment community is telling us they are really unclear right now as to what caused it. but it did cause a six by six foot hole we're hearing to mainly the closet area of the top floor apartment. we understand two other apartments had just more superficial damage but no one was hurt nampgfully -- thankfully during all of. this the american red ross is
5:35 am
out here taking care of the family. at this point, crews are just working to make a temporary patch for this massive hole that is in the apartment. they say that is a temporary thing and it will take about three or four hours just to do that. there will be additional damage work work that will have to be repaired that will take quite some time. >> thank you. police are hoping the publicwive a hem solve a murder mystery in the district. the body of a small business owner was found on the floor of his pizza shop on fourth and rhode island avenue in northeast washington. police say the victim's brother and co-owner showed up yesterday morning and called police because the doors were locked and he couldn't get inside. inside, officers found the body of the 44-year-old from silver spring. the news is shocking to those who knew him. >> i never had no problems out of that store. he was always nice to me. >> they're very hard-working
5:36 am
people. that is terrible. that kind of thing just really shouldn't happen to nice people like that. >> homicide detectives are trying to figure out how the victim died, w is ho isresponsible and why all the doors were locked. neighbors say they paid $300,000 to live in what they have described as i award zone. a barrage of bullets pierced through a home piercing a 14- year-old girl. she is okay but now she is afraid in her own home. >> yes, we have had problems with them hooting at the house because a gang of them will be outside. i don't know what they be doing but, you know, this ain't the first time there were bullets coming through my house. >> we begged for security for over two years. >> she had her towel on and she was sitting on the bed playing her game. next thing i know, she come running into the room saying her back was burning and this
5:37 am
and that. when i turned herver, she adh two puncture bullet holes. >> police are still searching for the shooter. the economic rice is is forcing virgin's governor to make some tough calls when it comes to the budget again. today, governor kaine is expected to outloon plans to cut $1.3 billion from the state's cash strapped budget. this will be the fourth time since september that the goveor had to scale back spending. it is not clear exactly which programs will be cut. new this more than, a move to save prince george's county may be backfiring in a big way. a federal judge has ruled it was unconstitutional for the county to furlough its 5900 employees for 10 days in the last fiscal year. the "washington post" reports the county plans to appeal the ruling and say if it has to repay workers, there will be massive layoffs. the furlough saved the county $17 million. bridge leaders had planned to do it again this fiscal year which began last month.
5:38 am
in the ruling, the judge said the county violated protective contracts when it forced employees to take 10 days off without boy. the nation's largest health insurers are being called out are being asked to to l fork over. president obama, kelly clakson and lebron jamesa or ct away from opening up our fox 5 job shop phone bank. we'll have experts itwh tips on how to land a new j. they will be here to answer your questions over thone and with a web chat. stay with us. you're watching fox 5 morning news.
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we are back now with a look at our top stories today. officials in taiwan are taking the blow for their government's slow response to typhoon marakot officials are stepping down. the resignations haven't been accepted yet. the storm hit the nation 12 days ago. two house democrats want detailed financial records from dozens of large insurance companies. the move is part of an investigation into the executive compensation and other business practices in an industry opposed to the president's health care reform. the request was for document rating to the company's premiums. president obama will appear in a back to school television special that will air next month on some cable networks.
5:42 am
the president is going to promote the value of education. singer kelly clarkson and basketball star lebron james will also take part. calls to one man's cell phone are sparking a lot more than he bargained for. why he is feeling the heat every time his phone rings. leaving a voice mail on a cell phone could be costing you more than you think. we are checking your morning commute and your forecast. it is a sticky one out there this morning, folks. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ♪
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we all know cell phones can connect to the internet and play video games on them and even pay bills. there is a fellow in brooklyn who says his cell phone is a whiz in the can i have juno he claims every time his phone rings, his oven starts up. he noticed the problem when he put the cell phone on a counter near the stove. he iscovered incoming calls were starting up the oven. the oven maker is looking into the situation. >> i never heard that. that is bizarre. okay. >> tucker would like to learn
5:46 am
how to turn his oven on. >> okay. i'm he going to do weather. i'm not going to make a comment. illinois -- i'll talk about hurricane bill. winds are now sustained at 135 miles per hour with gusts over 150. looking very impressive. you can seat eye has developed here about nine nautical miles across and the hurricane winds are strepping about 50 miles fom the center of the storm. this is firing on all cylinders. it is moving into warmer waters. that is fuel for hurricanes. this storm will likely remain this intense if not become stronger over the next several days. leeward islands, they are monitoring the progress. they are about 4 # 0 miles from the center of the storm. the maximum winds up to about 135 miles per hour. watch the track. tony was showing you the track yesterday morning. the good news is it likes it
5:47 am
will stay generally out to sea. it will be pushing off to the north and west towards the united states and then pushed to the north and northeast t look like it will not make landfall here along the eastern seaboard. but we will probably encounter very high curve surf as we get into the weekend -- very high surf as we get into the weekend. weaer in the washington area featuring a lot of showers and thunderstorms last night. we are waking one very tropical air overhead. it will be very humid out there for you today. we'll see high temperatures top out about 90 or so. much like yesterday, we'll see up a little later today. fire 78 at reagan national. 80 in fredericksburg. cool spot, 73 in frederick. our afternoon high temperatures about 9 # or so. lots of clouds out there. mostly cloudy with scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms returning. wind oust south at about five miles per hour. there is your five-day forecast. and if you love showers and thunderstorms, you will love the next couple of days. we have them in the forecast
5:48 am
each day until about saturday. at that point, a stronger cold front comes through and will dry us out for the day on sunday. sunday looks cooler with less humidity. nice looking day. sunny an 85. would like that? who-- who likes that? oh, there she is. >> i wonder who like it when it is sunny and 85. >> i wonder too. >> we are out on the roads and it has been a busy ride out there. southbound along 29 for starters as you work your way up lockwood drive, we had a crash involving an overturned vehicle. the vehicle is outof there. but what we're feeling with is the police activity still there along the right side of the road. heads up leaving white oak. we do have traffic that is able to get through but it will slow you down. no accidents to report along south capital street at m as you continue in towards the
5:49 am
freeway. all of your lanes are open. easy ride not only on the douglass bridge but for those on the sousa bridge as well. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. some encouraging earnings reports helped wall street break its losing streak but that trend didn't continue overseas. the bad news is in asia today where the nikkei lot of 81. the shanghai composite closed down almost 4.5%. here at home, dominion virginia power customers will soon be paying more f or service. the power company says starting in january, customers will see their monthly bill increase about $3. they are in the process of building two new power plants in the state. you know the drill by now. why do you need a recording to tell you to leave a message after the beep with you call a cell phone or check your messages. those precious seconds add up and they are worth a fortune to phone companies. now, there is an effort to take
5:50 am
back the beep. melanie alnwick with more. >> reporter: you know the voice. >> at the tone, please record your message. >> reporter: nearly everyone knows that voice. >> when you fun issue recording, yomay hang up or press one for more options. >> reporter: you probably don't know how much money you are spending to listen to it. >> they should give me the beep. >> reporter: to get to that beep on average, it takes 15 seconds and those precious 15 seconds turn into enormous profits for the major cell phone care wriers. >> it has terrific me crazy for years. >> reporter: technology writer david pogue says verizon has 8 # million customers. if they check voice mail just twice a day, it it adds up to a lot of money. >> $763 million. >> reporter: he argues cell phones are so common we all know the drill. >> there is nobody left alive who doesn't know that you leave a mesge. if there is, they should not be allowed to use a telephone. >> reporter: if you know which key to pun p, you can beat the
5:51 am
beep but each airier has a different code and that makes it tricky. so there was an on-line campaign started two week ago. already close to 30,000 bloggers have written their own messages to carriers like at&t, sprint, verizon and t mobile. when we contacted those companies, t-mobile told us customers who wish to bypass the recorded voice mail instructions can do so by pressing the pound button. sprint has a section to take back the beep. if you just enjoy listening to a soothing automated voice, don't worry, it is not going to go away. but if the consumer is given an option -- >> even my cat knows what to do at the beep. >> reporter: some people will declare victory and so too might you. >> in a recent update, he wrote that at&t is also exploring its options for shortening the
5:52 am
voice mail instructions. t machine mobile moab -- t- mobile said the issue has our attention. the nat have eir man but don't expect to see steven strasburg in the big leagues this season. we'll be checking out redskins camp. back-up quarterback todd collin says he is ready to roll. what are you doing for lunch?
5:53 am
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don't expect to city steven strasburg in the big league this season. mike rizzo says it is unlikely that he will be called up to the majors this year. he led the nation in strikeouts and era but he has not pitched in a game since may 29th. >> you need a stopper. we're the only sport with that concept exists. you need a guy to change a team's fortunes every fifth day. you need five pitcher. we think we've got some pretty good ones coming. fess one, two or three for us, we're a deep team. >> i think we have abeen playing good baseball. before a great team. adding him to our plans makes it a lot better in the future. but we're happy with where we're at now and we're going to continue playing the way we're playing. >> nats hoping to play well down at the ballpark last nate. hosting the rockies, serving
5:56 am
unup. the third solo home run night for colorado. rockies up 4-#. bottom of nine, still 4-2. christian guzman with two on two out deliver as a bess hit to right field. that cuts the deficit to 43 and you've got ryan zimmerman up with two on now. zimmerman, first switch swinging, hits a drive to right field but it stays in the ballpark and the nats full to the rockies 4-3. the orioles were also loser in pam day to the rays. and now month mike williams who missed yesterday's practice with an afternoon ankle sprain. one guy some folks need to forget about is number 15, todd collin who begins his 15th season in the nfl. last year, he backed up jason campbell. in 2007, he led the skins skins fofour straight wins. collin may not get a lot of attention but he is always ready to play. >> i think any time you go out there you want to compete and
5:57 am
try to be the best quarterback on the team. and you have younger guys like that, you try to help them along as much as you can and try to help jason if i can, if i see something. >> a quarterback who does get some tension is bret favre who just can't seem to say good- bye. he says his 10-year-old daughter told him to go out and win a super bowl and that is what he is trying to do with the minnesota vikings. he signed a two-year deal worth $25 million. he will get $12 million this year and he will play pry fay pre-season game against the chiefs. >> i just didn't want it look back. i have no idea how i'll feel a year from now, five years from now, 10 years from now. but i didn't want to say what if. >> okay. straight ahead at 6:00, we're just about to open up our fox 5 job shop phone bank. we'll have experts on hand with
5:58 am
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